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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Trumpet - tracker now is no longer "bloody thing"

I have orderd some parts for my Trumpet. 
I took a lovely visit to see Steve at Red Max during re week. He has resently moved premises to Dunkerswell , which is almost in my neck of the woods. 
He let me try a selection of tanks for size but this Trackmaster was the 1st and instantly looked right. 
Ice orderd one. 
The bike looks so much more in proportion with some cloths on. 

Then today I got on a mission to make my exhausts. 
It went very well. 
The silencers need baffles and reverse cone hobbies and a bit more welding but all the lugs are on and whatnot . 
I was so happy I took mrs Oily to the pub and let her buy me 2pints of beer.

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