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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bloody Trumpet-tracker

Since the last blog I have been flat out lining up the motor with the gearbox with the rearwheel. What a fecker of a job. 
Weld on lugs , realise they are in the wrong place , cut them off then reedoo them. 
Then I realised I had made a massive error of putting the bottom of the frame in the way of the chain run. 
Bloody cocking fucksticks.

So I bought a small sprocket , found some bearings that would fit and made a little doobery to lift the chain clear. 

Plus I went to hang out with a clued up geezer that helped me set my cams up. 
Engine is built now . One job less. 

This is Brads bike. 
A lot more ready than mine. 
Exhaust was made buy Geoff at Co-built. 
Bloody top welder and very nice bloke.

1 comment:

Brad Hardman said...

Gunna be a grid full of cool bikes this year!