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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Getting my head strait.

Im selling my flat-tracker. 
It's a YZF 450 and it's bloody perfect for racing. 
I was always planning on selling this bike once I had built my Triumph. 
Since my accident I have been deciding weather I will be racing Flat-track again. 
If  a broken leg was only one week of pain then I would be back on the track tomorrow but it ain't it's 7 weeks of a massively fucked up life so far , cancelled ride into Italy, a chopper that hasn't been built , clients that could go elsewhere and scratching by because I've had to find other bods to do my work for me. 
It sucks big time. 
I can't afford this to happen again so I'm not flattracking again . 
I know that I could have done this slipping off a curb or tripping on some timber, but the chances of it happening whilst tanking into a corner, flat out , fighting for the same small piece of muddy , slippy track as 12 other bods is much more likely. 
Mrs Oily ( bless her she has never asked me to stop even though this broken leg has fucked around her life aswell) suggested that I could just pootlle around the outside , but I know me and I can't do that . 

I'm keeping the Trumpet and may race it in another guise one day . 


benchdonkees said...

Hard choice to make Rob, chin up and carry on!
Get out in that shed and get on with the Sweedish chopper!

stevegayton said...

A tough decision to have to make. I work for myself so I understand what life is like without a safety net. You'll have more time to build that chopper now. One suggestion why not have a go at hillclimbing on the Triumph? It's just you against the clock so should in theory mean less risk al least from other riders trying to run you over :-)

Paul said...

Sorry top hear you're hangin' up your dirttrack leathers Rob. Getting hurt does suck... especially if it screws with one's ability to earn. Hope you heal up soon!