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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wasted forever on speed, bikes and booze . We are the brotherhood all born to lose

Engine is painted and is bolted in place .
Wheels and forks are snug and bolted up.
I got my seat covered by the lovely Debs at Vonzeti . They make little cafe racer seats normally but pushed the boat out to cover my lovely throne of a seat. 

I scored this great blues harp microphone for my rear light ( I've no idea why the writing has turned blue) 
My good mate Chocolate Pete , who made my yolks , has supposed himself by making me this fork brace below. He has picked the details of the rear light and has used them on the brace. 
Well done Mr Chocolate you're a bloody star.


benchdonkees said...

Lookin' mighty fine Rob, you're on a roll!
Happy New Year to you and yours by the way!!

Brad Hardman said...