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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fuck Fuck Fuck, all I say is Fuck. Fuck a mother , Fuck a duck.

This is me. 
Well it would be if I was wearing a flack jacket . 
But this is what I have done this past week and a lot today. 
Fucking electrics are driving me up the wall . 
I have wired in a he clocks, then I got a spark. " wooooop de fuckin doooo" . 
Then I didn't . 
Now instead of no spark I have a spark every now and then. 
Tomorrow I have to redo all my connections. 

Fucking bastard bloody tossing fuel injection, I should have bought a shovel. 


benchdonkees said...

Elastictrickery is the devil's work Rob, get yourself a pint and worry about it tomorrow!

Darren said...

I second that!! I beer is very much the way forward!!!

OILY RAG said...

Beer was a very distraction

Pete's Man Cave said...

Hang in there Oily. It's going to feel good when it's sorted.

Christopher Evans said...

They are easy to do trust me i do it all the time. best thing to do is wak away have a brew(ski)a and do it in the morning.

Barbie Chiu said...

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