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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Happy Happy Joy joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Trying to hide a wiring harness ( for a bike with Fuel injection ) is impossible but I'll try my hardest to lessen the extent of the great Spaghetti Incident. 
I've moved and re-moved and sat looking at it for bloody days. But today I started chopping and soldering . 

I was at a real low point in the build as I seemed to be making very slow progress but after making a list and realising that it was a short list I'm excited for the last push. 

Wether this wiring works once it's been fucked about with will be the big supise.



grant said...

you know by now rob ......that halls sensor in the gearbox for the speedo will be fucking shot they are kerap
i don't know what to say, except is your leg ok? and how's the tree wood business going on...............

OILY RAG said...

The carpentry business is going well.
As for the speedo sensor I've never had an issue with that but I'm putting a bicycle speedo on it anyway.