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Sunday, 22 May 2016

I got this feeling inside of me, kind of strange like a stormy sea.

I haven't added to my blog for a while as I've been too buisy riding my chopper. 
I have been mainly strengthening things that are braking off, both Exhausts nearly fell off on separate ocations. But that's what this shake down period is all about. 
I'm now pretty confident that it will do me well on our long trip. 
Me and Mrs Oily rode for a good 7 hrs last weekend ( minus beer and food stop) and our backs didn't suffer too much. And nothing fell off the bike. 
1week Thursday me and 7 mates will be riding down through France into Spain . I can't wait. 
There's bound to be an adventure or two happening then. 
This is Brads build . It's a re- fresh of his tryed and tested, faster than a dog out of a bath, GSXR chop. Looking right tidy. 

This chop here will be coming to France. He's got 12 days ( interrupted buy a job ) to get it sorted. Once again . 
"The last Minuit is the most productive!"

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