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Friday, 3 June 2016

Just like a ghost without a name . Just like the famous without the fame.

Thursday started well enough with me having a whole day to get my admin sorted. 
Bought Mrs oily flowers and cut some wood for a client . 
I had sorted all my forms and got my bio together. Then I had all afternoon o clean it and make sure everything was tikity boo, I was feeling like the most chilled out motherfucker on the planet , I was almost Jamacan. 
Then Jim rang me
" bob my bikes fucked . It won't start or run hot"
So I packed real fast and hot tailed it to his gaff( forgave my freshly grilled cheese on toast and fresh brew) , stripped the carbs and cleaned em. " sweet " . All sorted.
His bike is better than ever!!!

Got slightly pissed on the ferry. 
Arrived in Brittany at 7am

Woke up feeling a bit hungover, well actually very hungover ,  then rode through the cold Mizzle until mid morn. It was fecking freezing but slowly warmed up . I wore my waterproofs all day to keep me warm. 

8 of us on the run to Spain . On the motorway outside of Rennes one of us broke down on his battery had boiled itself due to the rectifier going tits up. 
Then he spent the next 12 hrs trying to sort a hire car . 
He arrived on The back of Barrrys bike at 10:30 . 
Duck ( spellcheck ) whAt a day. 
But quite normal 

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