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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Halusinations , good vibrations, cruising LA , home of the Brant sound.

Pampalona was a very cool or actually it was very hot. 
But the city was pretty , old and twisty with a great buzz in the early evening . We hung around Tapas bars watching the world go by , then went to the most beautiful big old building for some grub. At some point I had scorpion fish pate . I knew it would punish my arse the next day and . Yep it did. 
Fucking scorpion fish. 

Still we rode on through to Lardo (between Santander and Bilboa.) we had a swim in the sea and a mooch around town then 3 of us rode into Bilboa for some evening entertainment . 

Bilboa is a great place ,it's bloody huge and spraling but the city centre is a nice place to ride into for tapas and a spot of people watching. 
On the way out I got us a bit lost. We were low on fuel and a bloody copper decided to follow us. 
Last day we rode the coast road into Santander, ate lunch in a cafe then spent the afternoon swimin in the sea and basking in the sun. We even watched a bloke peg it into building followed by coppers . It looked like it was gunna really kick off but they couldn't find him , then I'm sure he just strolled out moments after they gave up the search . 
Sat on the ferry now being subjected to terrible Caberet . I may have to go and get a beer. 
It was a bloody great trip and reminded me how much I like Spain . 
Land of the Cowboys . 

How did the chop fare ? Better than Sarge ( bellow, he got bad guts on the last day) 
I was worried about my chop .How the bike would handle the long miles. But more importantly how my back would cope. 
After spending countless hours building something you can talk yourself into thinking it is OK. 
But it actually is. I suffer from a bad back anyway ( falling 40 ft when I was younger don't help) but I found it very comfortable and nice to ride . I was happy to sit on it all day, and still sit on it whilst parked, normally I can't wait to jump off and rub my arse. 
I let my mate have a go on it, he ragged it senceless and his little short legs made it uncomfortable  . He found it horrible. 
I think riding it puts me in a different mind set . As long as I don't try and ride it like a fast bike then it's just bloody great. I've never been happier than to just sit and cruise , it completely chills me out. 
I can't wait for the next long ride into Sweden. 


rico swarvey said...

i didnt rag it !!
and my legs aint that short!
i just go around corners faster than you

Anonymous said...

Always a joy when you build a bike to your specs and someone else has a go and finds faults with it because they are a different size. I have found my chop have a maximum and minimum height, Brads is the same. We may get one of those charts they have in theme parks to gauge if folk can have ago?? Looks like you had a sound time, I'm jealous! looking forward to hooking up again soon and having a beer! May see if the other half fancies a road trip to Devon. Ride safe dude. Chris.