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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dream with the feathers of angels stuffed benieth your head.

Random photo awesomeness 
Above is Rich, he got this bike built just a few days befor we hit the road. His only problems were a blown fuse and burning 5 litres of oil on the trip.
Feckin great Picy took by Rich ( different Rich) 

Old time saloon on. The border of Spain 
I may have posted this pick before but I don't care cus it's ace. 
There were Spanish workers with mullets , drinking brandy at 10 in the morning befor work. 

Mr Cheeeeeeze (a good friend we met in Hungary ) was supposed to visit us this weekend but his Clutch went tits up. 

Other shit we been buisy with lately 
We just got this dog from a charity in Cypres . 
He flew in a week ago and is very cool. Meet Flash

Me and Mrs Oily got on TV 
We are the ones with beards . 
This was ZZTop at Glastonbury and they were feckin awesome . That's a lifetime wish come true seeing them. 

I've always wanted a Trans Am and I've decided I'm nearly at a point in my life were I can get one. But it's on the end of a big list . I'm slowly deciding that all the other stuff is less important. $9000 on Craig's list. Bloody bargain. 
I want one with a fuckin great Fire Bird on the bonnet though. 

Right I'm off down the shop for bog roll an beer. 

Dont tell me about the altitude, I just want another drink.

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