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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Why is this the hardest thing in the world for you to understand.

2nd day started much the same but in a foreign land. 
Tighten bolts , tall shit , take the piss, quietly admire others engineering then take the piss, eat breakfast , take the piss.....

We got half way to Pau then Barry ( big nose Gonzo , put me in a unitard and fire me from a cannon) started sripping all the teath from his sprocket. 
" it looked fuckedbefore I left  but I thought it may last the trip. 

We stopped in out side of Moto shop and drank beer and ate bagget until they opened then Barry got a new sprocket. Then we rode  on the longest most sweeping motorway that was completely ( I meen like the oppocolipse empty ) empty .absoltly lush, getting warmer all the time. 

We arrived in Pau . Stayed in our 2nd feckin f1 . I hate them nearly as much as Trago Mills ( if you don't know what that is then you are blessed). 
Got a taxi into the city ate great good and got possed ( that's French for pissed) 
We ended up in z great pub called " The Garrage" 
Now sat in my fart sack , listing to Brant Bjork. 

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