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Thursday, 9 June 2016

The mountains screemed three times today , asked me if I'd like to play.

I know I've used them lyrics befor but I like them and they are very relevant. 
we rode down south , into the heat and into the sun and into the mountains then into Spain . 
Oh My Bloody God. 
What an amazing scenery . But them twisty little switchbacks didn't half put my chop to the test ( and my back) 
After spending ages at the top whilst somebody (sarge) who obviously missed there calling a wedding photografer, made us line all our bikes up for a team photo. We then gingerly picked our way down to a village where we spent the night in a lovely little hotel. 

As we rode into the little cobbled streets with a few bystanders looking on it must have sounded like hell had risen into town . 
Truth was we were so worn out that we drank beer, ate food and were very well behaved. 
We woke had a coffee in a redneck diner. All the Spanish workers were having Port or wine befor a day's work. 
Then we had the most glorious ride out of the mountains. 
There was no need for breakfast as the scenery and smooth roads gave me all the nourishment I needed. 
Plus I also saw an old lady sat on a bench with her legs wide open. If I was hungry befor I definatly didn't feel like eating after that. 
We have now arrived in Pampalona , after riding through the city in raging heat. 
Now for a cool beer. 

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