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Monday, 22 October 2012


 Last week i woke, switched on the T.v whilst i was eating my bacon and they said
 "Today the tide is going to be very high, combined with the rain and the wind this will cause flooding in coastal regions."
"Brilliant" i thought. "Today i will ride in the way that always floods. it will be a laugh".
Once i had got to the lane that floods, i was surprised to see the water higher than I've ever seen it before. There was a stranded school girl on the wrong side of the flood, for her bus and their were dust bins floating in the road.
Just when i was thinking of turning back my friend turned up on his bicycle. 
"You're not going through that are you?" he asked.
"You wade through Paul, then i can get an idea of how high the water is." This was a genius plan, i thought. If the water reaches his knees then it'll flood my airbox and bend my crank, any lower and i should be ok.
By this time a few builders had turned up, trying to decide whether to turn back or not, so now there was an audience as well....
Wading half way through with the water just below his knees, with his bike on his shoulder, Paul turned to me and shouted "It's really deep, i wouldn't come through here if i was you."
Of coarse his advise was very sensible, so i fired up my bike and rode into the river.
Half way through and the water was compleatly coming over my front tyre, then my engine cut out.
"Fuck! Now ive broke it, i'm such a Twat!" was my thoughts a i jumped off and pushed my bike the rest of the way, water gushing over the top of my boots and filling them up.
Once on dry-ish ground I hit the starter, scared of hearing horrible noises but it started. Fuck me what a relief. I hadn't killed my bike after all. 

Can you see the waterfall? That's coming out of my boot, that is..


Hugo said...

Rob, you're probably the only person in the UK that actually uses his HD... Well done!

OILY RAG said...

i dont know whether i'm brave or stupid. actaly i'm definatly stupid.