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Monday, 29 October 2012


 My sister ( "Hello Emma") asked me what the difference is between a "Shovel" and a "Chopper".
So here we go. A Shovel-Head is the name for the Harley engine produced between 1966 and 84. So called because its Cylinder head looks like a shovel...
 Every one knows what a chopper is, but just incase. In my oppinion it's a costomised bike that is long, low, has a hardtail (no rear suspension) and is minamalist and clean.
 The first (i think) V twin engine that Harley made was called a Flat head (because it had side valves) some call it a 45. ( because it was 45 cubic inches) this motor was made from 1929 till much later, apparantly production ceased in 1973 (thats news to me) 
The next motor produced was the Knuckle (the heads looked like Knuckles, see a theme here?)
this was made between 1936 to 48.
 Harley then made the "Pan-Head" motor, so called because the heads look like pans. This motor ran between 48 and 65.

Finally the Evo motor ran from 84 till now..
 Then there are the sportster motors.. They had Flat-heads, Iron-heads(just like the shovel) then evo-heads, but sportsters are unit motors,that means engine and gearbox as one unit.
So now you know.
 Next time you watch The new Indiana Johnes film (which is crap)  You can be a sad geek and shout at the T.V "Thats an Evo engine and this film is set in the late 40's early 50's. OI! SPEILBERG GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT..."
DISCLAMER: I've probley got all these dates wrong so feel free to call me a Wanker.


Pete Stansfield said...

Please Sir Emma keeps poking me with her pencil. I dont undertand the question. Can i go to the toilet ?. Can we do Hondas next week Sir ?.

OILY RAG said...

Emma is always poking people with her pencil. Man up and take your self to the toilette.
I'm supprised more people didnt correct me on the dates.
I know it seems strait forward to us but we are (glorified train spotters) but there are a few bods that read my blog that arn't as sad as us..
I have been pointed to the fact that Evos have now become Twin-Cams.