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Friday, 19 October 2012


 On Wednesday Mrs Oily had a conferance in London and since she gets lost in her own garden i decided to go along as 'support crew'.
This was a great opportunity for me to take the day off work and spend a day on my own bimbleing around the BIG city.  
 I had a bloody amazing day, more than one day would be awfall as I really am a country hick, so big citys freak me out.
 I was out and about in Camden by 9.30 in the morning and i had the place to myself, it was like one of them Zombie movies (bloody weird) every other fucker was still in bed.
I thought London was the "city that never sleeps"?, Oh hang on a minute that's New York. London must be the "City that never gets up".
 Camden is bloody brilliant though, All the above photos are there.
 This is the "Natural history museum", one of the most impressive buildings iv'e ever seen, there are statues of every animal hidden all over the building. 

 I love natural history but I got a bit board in the "Natural history museum" so i went into the "Science museum", that was brilliant. 
Steam engines, space craft, rockets, cars, machinery and this amazing plane ( i hope to get some inspiration for my Duke from this)
Last of all I bought my bird some GEN YOU WINE "Doc Martens" from the first shop that started it all, A Mecca for Punks, Skinheads and Job-shy Students.

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footlooselizzy said...

seriously cool boots, thank you