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Friday, 16 November 2012


 After 8 months since we had to leave our house, after a fire wrecked it, we are moving back tomorrow.
 I wont have internet for a week so there wont be a lot of blogging for a while. So here is some COOL SHIT. 
Above is a bloody great gate that C'Bass made for a customer in Cornwall. (there are 4 more small gates as well, all similar to this one .This is about 5feet high and 10 foot long and it weighs a lot).
 Anna Fur Laxis in her best pasties and vigazil....
 Isambard Kingdom Brunell.. His dad was German, he himself went to collage in France but i am proud to call him British. It just proves that we are all people that are from all over the world, where ever you live (it's all the same). He also has a big hat and great "Chops"..
 Very scary puppets that i saw filling a massive barn in New England.
It was ran by a company called "The Bread Puppet Theater". A puppet show that was really political and quite a bit hippy-ish.
Looked bloody cool. They had shrines in the woods dedicated to all the dead puppetears, it was a bit scary..
The BEST shovel in the world EVER. Thankyou Alex.

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