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Thursday, 29 November 2012


 After what seems like years of rain we have finally had a few days of bright, dry weather. But it's got bloody cold and icey. Still i prefer that than Rain.
Then the tyre for my flat-track Duke. A new tyre isn't normally cause for a cellebration but this is the first "race only" part i've ever bought (apart from black visors and loud exhausts, but everybody gets them).
This is a front tyre??
They come in wierd sizes that mean shit.. But basically its a big square shaped thing about 160mm wide .
You then squeeze it on to a 2 1/4 inch rim then the tyre becomes nice and round and about 120mm wide. Once ive put it on my rim i can see what forks i can use. Then i can get on with working out the frame geometry and Crack open the angle grinder.

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