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Thursday, 14 February 2013


It has come to my attention that a Club in England is on the rise. 
This club has been around since before i can remember but they have been slowly gathering support.
I heard a report on the radio that the Devon alliance alone comprises of 192 chapters...

The most Dangerous thing is the way that they have just slipped in "under the radar". The way in which they have achived this is by not displaying thier colours, like other clubs, but if you know what to look for you can spot them a mile away.
 They have been honing there technics for centuries, as a result the "Iluminati" have been pushed out of power and now this elite group call the shots.
 Beware they may catch you un-awares. You may think that you are buying an Eccles cake and a cup of Earl Grey but when you get the bill you will soon realise that you are supporting a nation wide cartel.

Don't be fooled by their demure apperance, if you are caught off your guard (all it takes is a wrong look or a swear word, in ear shot) then you may get a beating with an umberrella . Or if  your'e really unfortunate you may be subjected to " A sit-down" in a comfy chair, accompanied by a long story that contains no sense or information what-so-ever and you will not be allowed to leave untill you have eaten your weight in boiled sweets and T'cakes.

So, What do you need to look out for?
1st .. Dyed hair.
Look for purple, blue, pink or bright white hair.
2nd.. Uniform
This is trickier as there can be two distinct styles. 
Either look for really bright shades of Blue, Yellow, Green and Brown all mixed together or worn with utter disregard as to weather they clash or not.

Or there is the various shades of Grey.
Both are equally dangerous.

The Name this Group goes by is...

The W.I.
Or the Woman's Institute.
 Enter a Tea tent at your own peril.

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