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Friday, 8 February 2013


 Mrs Oily, Me and my lass Jo went for a stroll after she had finished school today.
We had a poke around Poundsgate on Dartmoor. This place is about 10 min's drive from our house and it's bloody mind bendingly cool. It is a big iron age village (about 600BC, i'm not to sure so ill have to look it up).
It's a walled village with the remains of, about, 20 round houses and this very cool gate(bellow)

There is a pub called "The Warren House Inn". It is the remotest pub in England and has a very cool legend.... The fire in there has never gone out, the pub was even taken apart and rebuilt but the fire never went out..... If the fire goes out it's bad luck apparently..
We drank some beer there, IT WAS GOOD.

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