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Sunday, 3 February 2013


 So much so i spent another day and a bit pissing around with my Duke .
Well i do have to sort all the teething prob's before i start racing in April. 
So today i fabricated the fuel tank.
 Good job i only tacked it together cus ,amounst all the other shit floating around in my damaged brain, I forgot to oriantate the bolt holes in the top so it sat in the tank cover on the piss.
At first i thought "Fuck it! You wont see it."

 But I decided to leave it be and go for a walk instead. 
Good job to, as I decided that i had better sort it right other wise in the future every time someone says "How does that work?" 
I'll lift the tank and be embarrassed because it's on the piss...
This picture wasn't today as i forgot my camera , but you get the general idea.

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