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Sunday, 9 June 2013

DIRTQUAKE 2. what a weekend

 Fuck me! If you wernt there then you really missed out. If made the effort and was there then give yourself a pat on the back, because you are now part of history.
After 7 hours in mental holiday traffick, we finally rocked up at the pre quake party held by http://oldempiremotorcycles.com/  . It was a beautiful evening , a lovely doo with very cool people and  amazing music supplied by the brilliant Dave and his crew.
The guys at OEM build amazing bikes full of style and beutiful little details. and they are a bunch of very nice guys. Thanks for the party.
I tryed so hard not to get pissed, as i was racing the next day, but i failed misrably and ended up drunken dancing with my lovely wife at god knows what time. 
The next day the racing was bloody intense
I got 3rd, 4th then 4th as i was beat on the line by a cockyfucker. We had a good laff afterwards though as the comradery between all the riders is so great that it is just brilliant to have had a good race.
In the Final  i had made it up to 3rd or 4th then i lost it and "chewed dirt" on the penultimate lap.
Fuck. so close.

 Thats not my lovely wife. That is Moik.
 The next day was bloody freezing (for june) and cloudy.
 Many folks turned up with choppers in the car boot (trunk if your American) This is Poncho Styling with his orange chop.
 I love this .
Garry and son ,. TEAM INMAN  fuelling up.
Yep every one of these is gunna be thrashed around the track. And this is only half of unsuitable bikes that will be part of DirtQuake

 And the best beard of the day goes too.. This American who bloody ripped around the track.
 And the best tassled chaps and jacket combo' goes to John Bloody top bloke and pilot of a Cagiva when not on his Trumpet
Where could you see anything like this. Sorry its a shit photo but im sure there will be plenty of others on blogs and in mags very soon.
BLOODY AMAZING. i have met so many very cool people this weekend. danced, eat, drank raced, talked shite and raced.
Thankyou to every one at Sideburn and DTRA and all the friends that helped make the whole thing happen.
I have more photos, ill blog them soon.


andrewdavidtaylor said...

Rob & Liz (& Mike ?).....
Just a quick note to say "Thankyou" for your very kind comments & also a MASSIVE thanks to Liz for her lengthy stint on the turnstiles on Saturday, much appreciated !! It was a pleasure to catch up & chat with you, hopefully we'll bump into each other somewhere in the country real soon. Best Wishes to you all....Dave (taylor_ad@yahoo.com)

OILY RAG said...

cheers dave .
I was grinning like an idiot all weekend.