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Thursday, 6 June 2013


I am stinking of fuel and compleetly knackered, i got to get up at "crows fart" tomorow morning and i doubt i will get any sleep tonight. But its all right because This weekend ill be racing, camping, drinking till i fall over and hanging around with some very nice people.
See you there.
or ill bring back some nice photos if you cant make it.


andyrotax said...

Good luck, have fun, keep it shiny side up!!

andyrotax said...

GO #11 !!!

OILY RAG said...

Thank dood i had a great week end and tryed so hard i crashed.
Oh well

andyrotax said...

Can't wait for the vid!
Was good to meet you after watching you build the bike on the blog.
Cheers, Andy benchdonkees