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Saturday, 15 June 2013


 Today me and Mrs Oily rode out to hang with Rich. it was his bike clubs doo.
Normally i would rock up, get pissed and sleep under a bike. but this year i decided to just pop along for a little sociable visit, i have hardly slept in my own bed lately so i had decided that i am aloud to be a 'light wieght' this weekend.
 There was a good turn out. lots of people, bikes and a young lass singing, even the sun made an apperance.
Two very cool friends.
 Two more very cool friends. Richie ,on the left, is a very old friend we have reached the part in our friendship where we can quite happily piss each other off (love him to bits though) Dave on the right is the president of the club.

 This sportster deserves 3 photos as it's bloody ace.
I thought about painting my bike that GULF blue, I cant now.

 What was even more of a shock was that my bike won the best 'Imperial' bike of the show. HOLEY FUCK! i thought they were taking the piss when they read it out as its bloody filthy and ,lets say, "well used" Mind you it is made of lots of one off parts, sweated over by my own fair hand ( i should have washed it though)....

I was so bloody chuffed that me and Mrs oily stopped in the pub for a celibration drink on the way home


Spud's Customs said...

Celebratory drink with Monster munch, you lucky bastard, what a top day indeed, congrats.

OILY RAG said...

Fuck yeah. i know how to party.

rico swarvey said...

To all those who didn't understand how we judge out show we don't just go for the shiniest paint with bolt on goodies we like to see the bikes used with there one off parts working as intended oily has put more miles on his bike in 4 years than most will in a life time the blue sporty above gets used regularly and is seen out more times than most standard bikes. Nuff said

OILY RAG said...

i would prefer to see a bike that is ridden hard evry day and fettled and bodged to keep it running that a fancy paint job.