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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Biblical rain and monumental piss taking

Right . Are you sitting comfortably ? 
Thursday midday we all met at Richies gaff. All piss tacking and smiles took part of the richual befor we saddled up an hit the road. 
5 mins later Rich ran out of fuel. More piss tacking and a quick blast to the station and we were moving again. 
5 mins later I was crouching in another petrol satiation cleaning out Rich's carbs. 
He had only finnished building his bike and the tank wax full of crap. 
But we sorted that and set off into the murky wetness for the long ride to Dover. 
20 mins later I was sat in the side of the road waiting for the recovery truck. My bike had sheered it's bolts off of the drive pullu munching the wheel in the process. 

I told the others to carry on and I may catch them up( if I was lucky) 
But 45mins in a truck with the most talkative RAC man I've ever met and I was loosing the will to live let alone ride. 
But I got home , put the kettle on, made a brew and had replaced the whole wheel befor me tea went cold. 
It was bloody amazing how fast I found all the spacers and parts to go with my old wheel , one of the spacers I had used inside my new wheel but since it was broke , as I took it off it fell out right by my feet. Fuckin lucky as I had forgotten . I would have been searching for hours for that little fecker. Bloody old wheel still had a bearly worn tyre on it even though it was hard as a dogs head an slipyer than deer guts on a door knob. 
So rebooked my fery for 6 hours time ...ish 
Then got back on the road. 
1 hour later I stopped for fuel and realised that I had left my wallet at home when I rebooked my ferry. 
I turned around rode home 1 hour each way , picked up my wallet and headed out of the setting sun. 
I was pretty certain that I would miss my boat .
But I'll be fucked if I didn't do a 6 1/2 hr journey in 4 . And make the ferry. 
What a bloody day. Left my house at 11 am and finally reached Dunkirk at 2:30 am. 

In between bits falling of my bike ,Richies  carbs filling with shit , Shane nearly crashing into an oncoming Volvo and a monumental amount of rain falling on us the rest of the trip was punctuated with the kind of shananagens that will keep me chuckling till I'm an old fart. 
Like the look on the face of the sweet , god fearing old lady, that looked after us in the hotel / pub abouve, when after much coaxing and fibbing we convinced on of our poor party to lie down on the floor whist Shane pretended to lift him . Next thing that happend was shane dropped his Trollies an sat on the poor bastards face. 
I thought the old lady was gunna have a fit but she thought it was the funniest thing she had seen. 
The red house is about 10 mins from the Nuremburg ring and is a bloody amazing place to stay . Red House on the Hill . Is the name , it's owned by Dirk and Jenny who are the coolest people , they will dry out your wet clothes and keep you topped up with beer all in the surrounds of a great place. 
I didn't ride the Nurnburg ring as my rear tyre wasn't man enough and my exhausts were held on with good luck , but 2 of our crowd did. It looked like a right laugh . 

Mr Cheese master of the Jagermeister. 

Time to rest my bones for a few days then we ride to Spain and Portugal with Mrs Oily the BIG Dutch man Alex and his girl. 

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