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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thieving scum

This is brads bike.
I race with Brad, have drank with him , stayed in his house , built him a workshop and generally had a great time hangin out with him. 
He is a top bloke , but some lowlife weasel scumbag shit for morals desirvers to have his hands cut off motherfucker , stole his dirttrack bike from his dad's house last night. 
The bike is preety special. RM450 newly built motor , adjustable yolks , R6 forks 19" wheels front and back . And one off graffics. If any body noes any thing please get back to me . 
Could every one also pass this around on the net. 

1 comment:

andyrotax said...

There really are come c**ts out there!! Hope he gets it back. Will try to re-post.