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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time for some SWEDE

I've been thinking about this for a few years and now I think it's finally time . 
My sportster is in a right state. Don't get me wrong I love riding around on a punk, dirty riden hard Harley. But it's got to a stage too far, so far it needs taking off the road and completely sorting. 
What I'm gunna do is build a PROPPER Swedish chop. 
Square car back tyre and rediculasly long forks. 
Unfortunately it won't be a kick start Shovel . 
It will be a fuel injected sportster. 
That's not very Swedish , I know but it  is what I have and it's a bloody strong, fast motor that has done me well.
Brad even talked me into doing it a 70s flake colour. I wasn't sold on that idea till I saw this car at the Hayride. 
I new instantly that that was the colour.
I'll still have my Duke to HOON around on. So I may as well go balls out. 


andyrotax said...

Yeah man, do it!!
It'll be the dog's danglies!!

Brad Hardman said...


critch said...

he. only just found your blog, its damn entertaining dear boy..... on this missive?, fill yer boots bloke, from experience though ill tell you to loose the car tyre......

good luck on whatever you decide


OILY RAG said...

I am a stubborn motherfucker and I bet your advise on the car tyre is 100% right but I'll probely learn the hard way and try it just for shits and giggles.
Dunno yet . Let's see what happens . I find that bikes start calling the shots as your building them so I'll probely end up with something different than I imagine at the moment.