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Friday, 22 August 2014

Flattrack build pt1

I was rebuilding the head on my copper Triumph the other week when the bloke who was measuring my valve guides said " what are you using it for" 
"It's just a show bike." Was my reply. Instantly it thought 'I am such a cock' not only is that a wanky answer but it's not even the truth. What I should have said was
" I just push it around my shed and occasionally swear at it when I rip my overalls on a clutch lever."
So I'm gunna shelve the copper Trumpet for a while and build a new flattracker to race next seson. 
I'm gunna build a frame from scratch and use modern forks and shocks. 
So yesterday I measured all the dims of my YZF tracker and put them on a sheet of ply . Then I measured and scaled the dims of a Woods Norton and a Trackmaster BSA. Tacken from drawings by Mick Ofield. ( look him up his drawrings are very cool)
As you can see ( or probely not) they are very similar.
YZF trail 80mm
Norton   80mm
BSA.      70mm

YZF rake. 22.5 deg
Norton.    26deg
BSA.       26deg

There is only 25 difference in all wheelbases. 
 And seat heights are within 20mm

My plan is to build something looking like this Woods Norton below . 


benchdonkees said...

Fantastical!! That's a reet gud idea, do it!!

Paul Baleta said...