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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Went racing last sun in Wales. 
It was bloody brilliant. There were some heavy showers that filled the track with deep puddles.
I thought this would meen an end to racing but as the track was so deep there was still plenty of grip. 
My 3rd race was my favorite , others were having real problems seeing but I seemed ok so I managed to take quite a few places from the back of the grid . 
It was so exciting , flat out on someone's tail looking for an opportunity to pass , water and mud flying in all directions. 
The track was 1/2 mile so I geared the rear sprocket different, but was still using 4th gear on the straits. 
It was fast. 
By the time the final came I was fucked . I had no more energy , kept making mistakes and came last. Never mind . 
Above ( in chequerd bash hat is Frank Chakotine, probely spelt wrong) his Triumph T100 is so fast and revy plus he's a top racer so he won the day . But giving him a good run was Guy on the lovely black an white Triumph 750 in the back ground. It was the 1st outing for him on this bike ( I think) an he was quick. That bike sounded fuckin awesome . I swear it sounded like a V8 when it fired up. 

CoBuilt Geoff . Nice form . 
Daves Harly and Trumpet. He rode them both but the Harly kept grounding out.
What can I say. It's a JAP , shame it didn't last the day. 
So, a bloody amazing days racing but that's nothing compared to what happened on Monday. 
I had to unscrew 1inch of 6mm wood drill out of my friends leg. It was bloody awesome, I wish I had time to take a picture but he was screeming at me to hurry up. 
Sorry forgot to say that Ian Roxbourgh took some of these pictures. 


Paul Baleta said...

Looks like an awesome days racing was had my all :-)

benchdonkees said...

Sounds like a grand day out!!
Did Brad get a ride?

Brad Hardman said...

Benchdonkees, no I had a bit of a temper on about some thieving bastard having my bike so I went to the Bulldog bash and got trollied for 4 full days! Expect a return on something blagged, borrowed or bodged for Rye house.

OILY RAG said...

That was Paul Balleta not bench donkeys Brad. On another note I'm glad you are gunna try Rye house as you are only 1 point infront of me at mo.

OILY RAG said...

Sorry brad I didn't notice the Bench donkey comment . I take it back , a bit

Brad Hardman said...

1 place but 5 points according to the DTRA website, and Im 1 point behine Hubert and Leah.

benchdonkees said...

Now, now ladies calm down it's only a race!!
Seriously, hope you both have a great day, and that Brad gets a ride!