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Friday, 1 June 2012


 Been working on site (putting up a house, thats my job) this week, but still found time for some spear fishing.
As always we caught 'Sod all'. i saw a few Bass but they were all too small.
 But i did find a fantastick book in the B&B we were staying in.
this a a cool photo of a car airbourn at Brooklands (a track that was unbelievably fast, untill a car became airbour into the crowd and the large 'banked' section was shut down.
 Two lovely ladies on some amazing bikes. I'm afraid i cant tell you much about them (but ill try and find out more)..
Is it Dick Dastardly? No, it's E C Fernibough after doing a 100mph lap of Brooklands on his 350cc motorcycle

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