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Monday, 18 June 2012


 It was the FORBIDDEN ONES bike show this weekend and even though it was raining (a bit) it was still a good turnout and a great day. 
Pin-striping above was done by a real nice bloke called Simon Denton (i loved the saws)
 Steves 'Bonkers' MATCHLESS' 500. (proud owner in the background)
 Our very good Dutch and German friends made the journey from, well, Germany and Holland.
 Cool 'Rat-rod'. sounded like HELL-ON-WHEELS
 As i said "a good turn out".
 I really dig this 'Maggot'.(cx 500)

 Always good to see a Rat-bike.
 This GSXR won best metric.
Rinould (bet i spelt that wrong) won a prise for his, Evo engine-streched shovel framed, Harley
 KID from 'THE MAVERICS' won once again for being a star and riding his Trumpet to the moon and back.
 PREDATORS  member won best paint.. Very nice bike.
 Bloody amazing Harley won best 'engineered' and best in show
Andy won  'oldest helmet, on the oilyest head'

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