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Thursday, 25 April 2013


 The story goes.....
The day before, i saw this kid colouring in a picture of a pirate who was called Jean Bart.  I thought not that much of it but then we saw this cafe named after the same scallywag so we thought we'd pop in for a coffee as one does en France.  The barman was greasy of head and black of thread but friendly in that kind of gruff way such dudes tend to be.  We got a coffee and he let me go round behind the bar to have a looksy at his pretty cool harley engine beer pump.  Albert got a free lolly of him then, just as two other dudes got cross with each other and set about beating ten bells o shite from each others noses.  Albert was a little confused as to why there were tables and chairs and arms and legs and wonky noses flying around the place, but his lolly was good so he cracked on with that, whilst leafing through the harley davidson accesories manual which was weighing down on our table.
All then became calm as a mother of unknown origin stepped in and laid down the law in a firm motherly fashion.  All nose benders retreated in shame and peace descended.
I then bought a t shirt of nice gruff greasy topped bar man and we all left to head back to blighty.  Sweet.
 This was ent to me by my good friend "C, Bass " or Don as his mother calles him.
He defininatly has a way with words.
This is Albert (his lad) below, Not Don.

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