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Monday, 15 April 2013


 If your not into bikes tearing around a track in the dirt, then you may get board with me harping on about racing my bike.
But this weekend is my FIRST actual race. If you fancy a top day out then come to 
Norfolk arena PE34 3AG 
practice starts at 10.30am

Then next month
This Rye House race takes place during the day of Sunday 19 May, the same weekend as The Bike Shed Event  in London (that Sideburn is also involved in), and is only a short ride (on bike or train) from the East End, so make a weekend of it. Entry to this race is just £5 and the action is always extra wild at Rye House. 
I just pasted this from http://sideburnmag.blogspot.co.uk/  so please excuse my lazyness. but come along and check it out. Flat-track is a fairly recent sport over here in the uk (i know speedway has been around for yonks) so come along as all support helps something grow.


Pete's Man Cave said...

What a top day we had. Good times and a dusty crevis.

OILY RAG said...

Bloody right
I still cant stop grinning.

Pete's Man Cave said...

Sent a cheesy photo to your yahoo email.