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Monday, 22 April 2013


 Im sorry if you look at my blog but are not into flat-track, but racing is my new thing, Everything about it is exciting, but i will try to keep the usual blog content of lovely ladies and choppers up to speck
 I had my first race on Sunday and it was bloody amazing.
After spending the night in a hotel with blood on the pavement outside, we were woken to a beautiful day in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
 The sun was shining as all the racers started filling the pits, It was an amazing atmosphere pre race with everyone laughing and checking out all the other bikes.
I was shitting my self but managed to get a 3rd place in the 1st race.
Race two and i started at the back so only managed a 6th place , But in race 3 i had a right battle with some dood, I ran wide on a corner and as he came through on the inside i nailed it but was trapped in the slippery stuff , so after bouncing off the wall i took him on the inside on the next corner. Then i was going so fast on the entry for the following corner that the back wheel locked up so i slid in totally sideways and nearly laid the bike out flat, "Fuck" i was thinking that i was toast but some how i managed to keep it together and made it through, keeping my 2nd place till the flag. 
Man i was so chuffed, I i could not stop shaking and grinning.
So the final came and i was in 7th. At the fist corner i had made it to 5th and maneged to keep it for half of the race then a dood in a black and white shirt overtook me on a corner but luckily I maneged to take 5th again on the next corner and stay there till the end.
All i wanted was to not come last and not to injure myself, but did so much better than i expected.
I am still totally buzzin and cant wait till the next race in may.
 There were some top class cool as fuck bikes there. i totally dug this aircooled Yam DT below    (no 26.)
It sounded so sweet and smelt even better.


andyrotax said...

een watching the blog and your prep of the bike, well done!!
Cheers, Andy benchdonkees.com

OILY RAG said...

thankyou Andy