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Saturday, 6 April 2013


 Today was the first time i got to use my Duke "Properly".
It was the first practice session of the season at Rye house speedway track, near Harlow Essex.
 Dimitri Coste was there with a few Very cool French people. but he had a big crash and hit the ground so hard that he ended up being buried upto the neck
 One of the very cool Frenchmen rode this lovely Triumph Matise. I wanted to photo the frogs but they looked so cool that they scared me a bit.

 By the end of the day i had finaly started to improve.( it would be hard not to improve because at the start of the day i was BLOODY CRAP) 
After falling on a corner and bending my gear leaver (bloody track was watered and was slipperyer  than "Deer guts on a door knob!")
Gary Inman (from SIDEBURN) gave me some top advise ,Then the steel shoe that i made was CRAP, it was too thin and wore itself out after 2 1/2 sessions and i lost it half way through a lap.
Some nice bloke let me borrow his boot with a steel shoe, which was bloody amazing so i bought his boots for £50 (he was selling them anyway).
 Finally i got my shit together and the last session/race was bloody amazing. I had such a good time. 
All the other racers were bloody lovely people to be around, it was such an amazing day. But the cherry on the cake was that it was the first warm day this year.
First actual race is in Kings lynn Norfolk on april 21st.
Support something cool and try to make it to a race this year.


stevegayton said...

Sounds like an awesome day and bloody hell did you have the weather for it. French people are hard to deal with at the best of times but when they are cool French people you're buggered!

OILY RAG said...

You should check out Dimitri on the net. He is amazingly tallented and a very nice bloke. And makes bloody lovely crash helmets (Ruby Helmets)And races very cool bikes all over the world. Yesterday whilst everyone else was wrapped up in leathers his protection came from a pair of almost white jeans and desert boots.
I cant even look at white clothes with-out them instantly being covered in dirt an oil.

Pete's Man Cave said...

It was a pleasure to meet you and the family at the weekend Rob. It was a top day. First run of the XT was nice. Your Duke looked amazing. Unfortunately the cheapo '78 fuel tank has gone sulky so something will be Borges on for Kings Lynn and a better fix is already planned. Pete

OILY RAG said...

Nuthin wrong with a good bodge, See you next week.