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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Back today after 3000miles and 7 countries.
I'm having problems coming down, but work
tomorrow should sort that out
 After the obligitory 'leaving photo' we got on the road to dover.
On to the train in Dover.
 Spent the night in Calais after taking the tunnel to France.
I noticed that my engine was knocking a bit, so had a fiddle. Turns out the 'crap rear swingarm in engine' thing had become more crap, so engine vibes were being transmited in the frame. 
"Oh well, i can deal with that".
The forks started pissing oil all over my legs, which will water-proof my trousers nicely. 
 Middle of France, day two and it becomes evident that the (rear) seat i made isn't too comfortable.

 We met our Dutch friends,
 the t'shirts become global
 and i ate 'Pigs assholes!!'
Who said that the French can cook? 

430 miles of highway into Augsburg Germany. 
Long strait Roman roads in France followed with
Tanking along the highway with the 'matt- black, tail-gunner' to fend off the Merc's, BMW'S and Audi's.

Dirty Dutch covered with dead bugs.

 We always meet a friendly German.
I wasn't being sarcastic, It's true.
 Very cool car out-side the HANK 111 gig.
HANK 111 gig was BRILLIANT but i didnt get any good pictures
of the band but i got a photo of some nice boots.
The wearer was very proud.


footlooselizzy said...

Day 2!!! it was apparent to me by Bovey Straights, still I dont like to complain;)

OILY RAG said...

sore ass!!

footlooselizzy said...

better by the end after modification and roll matt addition ;)