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Thursday, 19 July 2012


 I went to 'The British bike show' at 'The Worlds End' Pub near Taunton.
It was a beautiful ride there and once there it was a great gathering. There were lots of cool bikes and lots of grubby people in overalls and there was Beer.

 There were also some:-
Lovely cool Shovels.
 Some very Shiny bikes
 Some very Ratty bikes.
 Some very Wierd bikes.
 Some lovely Nortons
 And my Favorite.
The bloke who owns this is a very nice bloke and told me all about it. (im sorry i cant remember his name)
I think he said it was a BSA M21. Its 500cc (my brain is like a sive, so please feel free to correct me as i always make cock-ups. REMBER. "dont believe anything you read on the internet.")
Its a standard frame but has 16"Suzuki Marauder Wheels on it that make it look really skwat, and good fun to ride.
 And there was proof that, if this is the 'youth of today' then the future is in good hands...

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