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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


 After we had left the city of Chambry, we rode near Clearmont Ferond into the Massive Central to Mont D'or. this is a favorite place of ours. I have snow-boarded here a few times but this is the first time i have been there without snow. its still bloody beautiful and we even saw some 'line-dancers' whilst there.
 After a night in Mont d'or it was a two day ride (stopping to see my step-mum) back to Roscoff for the ferry. Theise days were the only days we got rain and that was for only 30mins.
Getting onto the ferry were a load of 'bods' returning from the LeMans classic. they all had some prety cool cars, but the best thing i saw there was this Lamberetta.
I don't normally dig scooters but this was bloody mint and had a trippy- metalflake painjob, compleate with naked chicks in a chariot. The motor sounded crisp and i floated onto the ferry amoungst a sweet- smelling cloud of 2-stroke.
That's it for this trip. 3035 miles. Some amazing scenery, hanging with great people and a near-death experiance.

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