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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Day 4 
After a stinking hangover we had to go to a bike shop so that Alex could get a new front tyre.
This was a relief as it gave me a few moments to sit and get my shit together.
The mechanic said that "We should be real care-full which road we took around Munchen as the coppers hate non-standerd bikes and will confiscate ours because we have loud pipes!!"
So like a moonshine run we headed for the hills of Austria.
 Once in Austria we were confronted with grey surging rivers and snowy mountains.
With a breathtaking view and a receding  hangover we booked into a hotel in a ski resort and cooled down with a big, cold beer.
Day 5
The next day we headed higher into the mountains where we had to load our bikes onto a train to take them through a tunnel.
Then it was a hot drive into Slovena. We hit a massive cue on a motorway, all the cars and trucks had pulled over to the side (to let emergency vehicles through ).
 We crawled through 8km of vehicles, people were standing in the shade of trucks, kids were skateboarding, children were wobbleing about in nappies. As we weaved between all this, people were silently watching us ride past, it was the wierdest scene, like something from an appocolips movie. 
Turns out some one was dead. Realising this was a big wake-up call, realising the body's fragility is a sure-fire way to make you slow down and wake up.

 Finally we we arrived at our house in Croatia. It was really hot ( one day it was 46 deg). So after loading up the bike with beers and snacks we hit the pool. COOL, COOL WATER.

 The four Swedes Dana, Lasa, Miya and Mia turned up so we all went out for grub and Grappa (moonshine). 
It was SWEDISH SATURDAY after all.

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