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Sunday, 15 July 2012


 After 5 days in Croatia Lizzy and me left all the other guys at the house and started making our own way back. 
It was sad to leave such good friends after only a few days, but we will see them again soon, plus the road called. 
We left the heat of Croatia and rode into the heat of Italy.
There is a Highway that spans the top of Italy, joining Venice-Milan-Verona and Tureno.
DONT EVER use this road, it is HELL. 
The Italian drivers (i dont want to generalise the whole population) were driving so fast and practically pushing me out of the way. 
At one point Five cars and a truck crashed right in-front of me, i was in danger of being crushed from behind and hitting all the carnage but at the last moment i spotted a gap in all the wreckage and gunned it through before the mass pile-up killed us both.
That was enough for us we got off that road as soon as possible and headed for the mountains.

 We stayed one night next to a lake ( where we were under dressed in a nice resturant). 
The next day we headed up and over Mont Blanche and into France.
On the Italian Side of the mount we saw all these cool sculptures made from motor parts. 
 At the top of St Bernard pass. That is snow on the ground in places.
 It was an amazing road that wound up and down the mountain. At the end of the day we stopped in a Small city called Charmbry. 
 This was a very beautiful city and i spotted this Great Laverda Montjuic.

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