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Monday, 10 December 2012


 There hasnt been much work (Infact there hasnt been any work) for weeks, on my bikes as with moving back into our old house there was lots of jobs to do. 
But after an epic weekend of ...
Clearing out one shed.
Taking all the shit to the dump.
Re-roofing the old shed, so that i could have somewhere dry to put all the shit that was in MY shed.
Then finally making space so that i could fit my woodburner. 
But now i have heat and tomorrow ill have Electric aswell.
Finally ill be able to sort out the DUKE./.

The wood burner used to be in a van that i used to live in. It was built by a friend of mine( hes a blacksmith and makes lovely AXES.
Lighting that wood burner again after so many years made me feel lovely. What also made me feel lovely was discovering an old hip-flask full of Taquila( i had to have a celibratery slurp, or two)


footlooselizzy said...

1. Heating
2. Electricity
3.Wi fi
4. comfy chair

My question is this:
are you moving out?

OILY RAG said...

not if you keep sending the kids down with beers and fairy cakes...