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Saturday, 15 December 2012


Mert Lawwill
 Today i managed to get a bit of "Shed time".
There's not pictures though as i spent most of my time drawing and "Mulling"..
i had to figure out what forks i would use.
Dave Aldana ,
 Feet up, head down , HAVIN IT
 To be able to get the bike sideways and not get high-sided into "broken-coller-ville" you need quite a lot of  stearing Lock . The Ducati has the stearing of an oil tanker. 
Idially I need 25 degree rake and 3.5 inches of trail. with my Fz 750 forks i have the 25 degree rake but 5" of trail. 
Between 3 and 5 " of trail is normally ok  so i think ill just have to try out what i have.
I have figured that my forks will work with the wheel and they wont hit the motor. 
Now tommorro all i need to do  is cut and reshape the front section of the frame to give me more movement in the stearing.
Then i can get seriously sideways like Dave Aldana here...


Pete Stansfield said...

And you need those leathers.

OILY RAG said...

Oh Yes. i would love a set of leathers like that but it already been done.
Maybe a set of Nacho Libre leathers would look bloody amazing..?

Pete Stansfield said...

Ha ha brilliant, i love that film, you'd be the man to carry that off. Got to have a cape as well.