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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


 A very good friend of mine gave me a copy of this print, for Christmas (Thankyou Paul).
I dont know Who it is , but ive done some poking around on the internet and I think it may be 
Ed Kretz.
 This is Ed Kretz 
Ed "Iron Man" Kretz Raced between the late 30's and 1940's and had many victories including 
 The Savannah 200mile road race 
the Daytona 200
And the Langhorne 100 mile.
Imagine racing for 200 miles on an Indian Scout.
 To me the bike looks very similar to the picture i got but 'Kretz' is running the No 38, where as on my picture the bike is No 31??
Does anybody Know  any different?
 Either way searching the internet and finding all these great pictures 
is bloody inspiring.
 Read more on 
Ed Kretz..... HERE

Ed Kretz also rode for Triumph

I love the pic of him with the 
Lovely Lady below, although
that may be his son.

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