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Friday, 28 December 2012


 Just had a couple of sneaky days in Cornwall. 
About 2 hrs drive away is the coast famous for Smuggeling and Tin Mining. In fact the inventor of the "high pressure steam engine-was built by Richard Trevithick (a Cornish man) also builder of the first full scale steam powered locomotive.

 The sea was stormy and mingin but i still managed a surf.
I cant remember the last time i went for a surf. It scared me a little as my lack of fitness made the possibility of "Puking my guts out in the line up" quite high. But i'm still alive and it feels good to have sea water running out of my nose once again.
But mostley we spent our time in the PUB......


Sideburn Magazine said...
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Sideburn Magazine said...

Hell, that sea looks parky! G

OILY RAG said...

yep boots ,gloves and a stupid hat but no ice-cream head!!