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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


 Some lyrics are funny, some are fucked up and some are just bloody WEIRD.
"I eat my dinner, I eat my pork and beans, I eat more chicken than any man ever seen.."
The Doors "Back Door Man"

 "You think his head was only there to keep his ears apart"
Wise word from Hank Williams. I cant remember which song though.
 "I got a handle on reality- It came off in my hands"
"The diners I eat aint wholesome, Think what you will about that"
"ladies and gentlemen attention please, I'm living on a diet of cold baked beans"
"I saw you play in London, your band was really shit and you forgot the lyrics to your one and only hit"
This album is BRILLIANT you must hear it. Nigel Lewis and the Zorchmen...
 The master of bizzare lyrics Ronnie James Dio.
"Ride the Tiger, you can see his stripes but you know he's clean. Don't you see what i mean?"
Actually Ronnie, I haven't got a fuckin clue....
 "If you're lookin for the one who fucked your mum, it's not me."
"I got an itch in my cosmic pocket and it wont go away."
"So wont you cover my dick in plastic, and put my brain in a Jar, their's something left of my spirit, it'll find you where ever you are."
I bloody love MONSTER MAGNET but i haven't got a clue what they're singing about. (which is ok. as Ignorance is bliss.)
 " Think you look so good in your new t'shirt, seems you forgot how you made me hurt. Makes me laugh to see that name on you're TITS, thinkin you're PUNK just gives me the SHITS."

Joey Ramone. by THE SKUFFED KNUCKLES........
The SKUFFED KNUCKLES were the best or worst band ever, but what they lacked in tallent they made up for with VOLUME...
If you have never seen the SKUFFED KNUCKLES then you have missed out, as I doubt you will ever see them again.
If you don't recognise them (why would you?  here's a clue .....IT'S ME) But you may recognise the Nacho Libre costume...Pete... Here is a close-up of the lead Screamer.

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